Information about how to obtain dive skills

Developing skills and building experience is essential for a scuba diver to dive safely and have fun at the same time. There are many unexpected problems that you'll be taught in this section to avoid. You need practice and an increase in experience to get more confidence in your equipment and yourself.

Essential skills of scuba diving will be taught here:

  • Night diving - You'll find 6 tips to use when venturing out into the night.
  • Cave diving - You'll learn about some of the basics of cave diving including the potential dangers, safety rules and equipment used by experienced divers.
  • Deep diving - You'll learn of the dangers of deep diving as well as some useful tips to ensure a great diving experience while keeping you safe.
  • Ice diving - You'll learn about safety while ice diving as well as the training required to explore the icy depths.
  • Wreck diving - We'll describe the allure of wreck diving, the types of wrecks you can explore as well as potential dangers you need to consider before exploring those shipwrecks of the past.