Medical conditions which disqualify you from diving

Some medical conditions make diving dangerous and can cause injury or worse. Before you begin with scuba diving a medical questionnaire can be given to you. If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions it’s likely that a medical review of a doctor is required.

I made a list of medical problems which can disqualify you from scuba diving:

  • Excessive alcohol or drugs use.
  • Scientists don’t know much about the effects of diving while having a fetus, so it’s dissuaded to dive while pregnant.
  • Central nervous system disorders.
  • Lung problems like asthma. If you’ve asthma you can get an attack underwater.
  • Diabetics who are insulin dependent. They can pass out while scuba diving if their blood sugar is too low.
  • Ears and sinuses aren’t clear and healthy.
  • You don’t feel comfortable underwater.

I recommend you to obtain a physical examination of a doctor who is familiar with scuba diving. Health is too important to neglect so you can be a scuba diver.