Frequently Asked Questions about scuba diving

What is PADI?

PADI stands for Professional Association of Dive Instructors. PADI is the biggest most recognized scuba diving certification agency in the world. Most dive resorts, instructors and stores around the world are PADI related.

How old do I have to be to get PADI certified?

Children have to be at least ten years old to become a PADI certified junior open water scuba diver. Children of ten or eleven years old are obligied to dive with a certified PADI professional or a guardian to dive. Children from twelve to fourteen years old must dive with a certified adult. When they become fifteen the junior certification upgrades to a normal open water diver certification.

Is it save to dive while I'm pregnant?

No proper research has been done to discover the hazards of diving while pregnant. But a fetus doesn't have lungs with the capability to filter out bubbles. So never dive if you may be or are pregnant to be sure nothing bad happens. Read more about it at Scuba Doc.

Does smoking effect scuba diving?

As a smoker you probably won't encounter any medical problems while scuba diving. However some smokers notice they use a bit more air than non-smoking scuba divers.

How expensive is scuba diving as a hobby?

Scuba diving can be very expensive as soon as you buy your own . As a beginner it's wise to rent your equipment at first. If you discover that you truly enjoy scuba diving you can always buy your own later on. Besides the costs of your equipment, dive classes and boat dive trips can cost you also pretty much money.

How dangerous is scuba diving?

According to statistics scuba diving is as safe as swimming. Of course there are some potential dangers. But as long as you've proper equipment, follow the rules and you've had proper training, the risk of being involved in a diving accident is low.

Why is it necessary to get a certificate?

A certificate is the proof that you know how to dive in a correct and safe way. If you don't have a certificate dive centers won't rent you any equipment.