Information to give you a basic understanding about scuba diving techniques

Nearly everyone can learn the basics of scuba diving. With the instructions of an instructor, you can discover the beauties of the underwater world. You'll only need some dedication to learn a lot about scuba diving. In this section, you'll learn some of the basics. But always remember scuba diving isn't as easy as strapping on a tank and jumping in the water. If you really want to learn scuba diving, professional training is required.

Here you can learn the basics of scuba diving:

  • Dive knives - You'll learn the 3 critical factors you need to consider when investing in a dependable diving knife.
  • Scuba diving flippers - You'll learn about the different types of scuba diving flippers you can buy as well as a couple of easy tips you can use to choose the right pair for you.
  • Suits - We'll offer some advice on choosing a wet suit or dry suit and making sure you stay warm during your dives.
  • Dive masks - You'll learn about the different types of dive masks you can buy, how to defog your mask and how to properly care for it so it maintains its usefulness over time.
  • Diver propulsion vehicle - You'll read about the benefits of using these vehicles during your dives as well as the different types available.
  • Buoyancy compensator - We'll describe a few types of buoyancy compensators and reasons you should consider investing in a BCD.
  • Dive computers - You'll learn about the benefits of using a dive computer while scuba diving.
  • Diving boots - You'll learn how to choose a pair of diving boots based upon their thickness, sole, cut and size.
  • Dive torch - You'll learn the reasons why you should have a dive torch, tips for buying one and how to care for your torch.
  • Depth gauge - In this article, you'll discover why some veteran divers prefer to use a depth gauge. You'll also learn how a depth gauge differs from a dive computer and why beginning divers should consider using one.
  • Dive watches - We'll discuss what to look for when shopping for the perfect dive watch.